Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti will be celebrated on 13th October this year.

Valmiki Jayanti celebrates the birth anniversary of the author and sage Maharishi Valmiki. As per the traditional Hindu calendar, this date falls on ‘Purnima’ (full moon Day) during the month of Ashwin.

Maharishi Valmiki was the author of the great Hindu epic Ramayana and also revered as the ‘Aadi Kavi’ or the first poet of the Sanskrit Literature and has also written some great Puranas. Ramayana, depicting the story of Lord Ram, was first written by him in Sanskrit language and consists of 24,000 verses that are divided into 7 ‘Kandas’ (cantos). This day is also referred to as ‘Pragat Diwas’ and is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country.

The day of Valmiki Jayanti is of very high religious significance in Hinduism and celebrates the unprecedented contribution of Maharishi Valmiki. The celebration of Valmiki Jayanti is a tribute to a great saint who trounced his fears and through the medium of his teachings encouraged people around to fight against social injustice. He spread the values of Lord Rama and recognised him as a man of atonement, compassion and kindness.