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Wokha – the Land of Plenty

SNS | New Delhi |

The flooded river, shadowed by the mountains around, now looks dark and still under the cloud laden sky. Soon it will rain. It always rains in summer. It's early this year.

It's not Waka-Waka. This is Wokha, the Land of Plenty. about 57 km away from Dimapur in Nagaland. Green and rich in biodiversity and natural resources, it is the land of the Lotha Naga tribe.

Trekking and hiking around here is a wonderful experience. The mountain range here is awe-inspiring. Up the highest peak, the Wokha mountain, lies the Wokha town, the headquarter of the district. It's the third largest town in Nagaland. It's fast developing, and has a tourist lodge. Travellers can have a good stay here. Interestingly, the town is popular for hosting the oldest cricket tournament in the Northeast – The Winter Cricket Challenge.

Mount Tiyi and Totsu Cliff are the other peaks in the range. Locals believe that supernatural spirits dwell in Mount Tiyi which is popular for rhododendrons. And, there are many folklore and stories around it. The Lothas believe that the mountain has a garden of fruits which only the lucky souls could chance upon it.

As you trek up the mountains, the terraced fields and orchards spread across and the exotics blooms that you find up the lush hills and the misty mountains are a sight to behold. The wonderful view of it takes away all your weariness as you journey around the place.

Endowed with nature's beauty, crystal clear streams and rivers dot the region. But the Doyang river down in the valley, the largest in the district, is a must visit. Several streams flowing into the river makes a beautiful sight. Well terraced paddy fields can be seen along the river.

Life is here is warm and peaceful. Stay a while and mingle with the locals to experience the beautiful and colourful hill culture and life here. You can take a chopper fllght from Dimapur airport to Wokha town, or take the road to reach the place. There are buses and taxis plying between it and Dimapur. Or, being a border town, you can catch a train till Golaghat in Assam and travel onward by bus or taxi.