You love them wild and the sea. So, are you planning to look up some cute baby leopard seals or the sea leopards as they are called. Probably you should head to Tasmania in Australia, as juvenile Antarctic leopard seals are increasingly flocking to Australian shores.

A beautiful island off Australia’s south coast, Tasmania remains quite isolated and its sea and forest reserve areas remain conducive for both marine and wildlife.

This year, more than 10 juvenile leopard seals have been spotted in the last few months as against three to four in the previous years, according to Sam Thalmann, a marine biologist based in Tasmania. The increase in their number occurs every seven years or so, the expert said.


Wild rocky coastline in Tasmania, Australia (Getty Images)


Tasmania is known for its rugged wilderness and protected reserves and national parks. While you are here, you can wheel your time away from its capital Hobart into the wilderness and learn about the indigenous aboriginal culture there.

The Mount William National Park is one of the more popular parks there. A 30-km environment awareness walk – Wukalina Walk around the park is being organised sometime next year. The guided walk aims to showcase indigenous aboriginal culture and life in northeast Tasmania and their close relationship with the land.

This 26th largest island in the world, with its vast natural reserve forest, was home to the originals for over 40,000 years before the British colonisation. And to this day, the beauty of the indigenous culture and life is alive in this isolated island state.


(Cradle mountain
Spectacular blue Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain, Tasmania (Getty Images)


Other fascinating national parks worth visiting include the breathtaking Freycinet National Park and the Cradle Mountain. the mesmerising blue Dove Lake lies in Cradle Mountain. Through all of its beautiful landscape, the locals’ peculiar way of living, unique wooden constructions and structures are worth the visit.

Apart from it natural reserves and unique life that is truly inspiring, tourists flock to the place to visit its one of a kind open-air museum – Museum of Old and New Art. Hobart, with colourful colonial neighbourhood, houses some of the most interesting museums and galleries. Take a good time to visit the state and enjoy the pleasant uniqueness of the place and its history.