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Roll at the Cheese Rolling Festival

Asanna | New Delhi |

The unthinkable, the dangerous scares, but thrills. And, what is a vacation without fun, adventure and thrill. While you could be an active participant of a thriller travel, you could also be a rejoinder as an spectator to spectacular events around the world.  

Roll over, summer breaks are just few weeks away. If you haven't planned a vacation trip yet, you could plan a thriller trip to England and check out the Cheese Rolling Festival at Gloucestershire in South-West England. The event, which is a famous traditional sporting event in the world, is held on Cooper's Hill every year in May. It returns this year on 29 May.

The Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Festival is a traditional fun event dating back to 17th century, drawing spectators from all over the world. The lush green steep slope of the Cooper's Hill makes it an ideal venue for the cheese rolling event..

Participants, unable to stand on the steep hill, roll down the Cooper's Hill head over heels in an attempt to catch the prized Gloucester cheese. Although the prize is rarely caught, the contender who rolls down and crosses the line on the bottom of the hill is the winner of the event.

Every year, thousands throng to the Cooper's Hill to witnessed the event. Free of charge, many participate in the event despite its high injury possibilities. According to sources, the highest injury toll occurred in 1997. As many as 33 participants were treated for splinters and broken bones.

The races traditionally starts at 12 pm. So if you are visiting England in May, you may take time to witness the event.

While you are there, you can take a tour of the rich green forest, streams and fertile valley of the beautiful county – Gloucestershire. Breathe in the clean, gresh air here. Enjoy the lush green rural scene and idyllic and mesmerising landscapes. Visit the pretty villages – Bibury and Cotswold, Take a walk through the row of quaint cottages and houses of medieval times, where flowers bloom wildly. Watch the amazing sunsets and let the good times roll.