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Pretty railway stations in the world

Asanna Gonmei | New Delhi |

Flowers in riots of colours, beautifully arranged, adorn the small, pretty railway station. Clean and small, it looks like a house. Is it a functioning station? Yes, it’s a pretty busy station. Pretty railway stations. they are rarely talked about and people barely notice them.

Train travel is one of the most common modes of travelling the world over. However, railway stations hardly figure in places worthy of a visit. After all when you think of railway stations, especially in India, what comes to mind is the big mad rush, crowded platforms, the dirt and stink.

Pretty railway stations seem to belong to another world. But if you look around as you travel the world, you would find a few railway stations that are truly pretty and welcoming. You could enjoy a blissful stop at these stations.

And ever since the dawn of budget airlines and low-cost flying was introduced, more and more people have been shifting from train travel to air travel. While air travel is more time saving and trouble free, and at times cheaper than other travel modes, the fun of travelling by road or rail can never be replaced by air travel.

Also big airports boast of fancy and advanced setup and infrastructure, yet the appeal of a small and pretty railway station holds a lot more attraction and nostalgia that makes happy memories and a good part of your journey or travel experience.

Despite the mushrooming of more airlines and air services, the world has a huge and ever increasing population of train travellers still. So much so that train tickets are always overbooked. It’s never easy to get an instant train ticket if you don’t book it well in advance whereas you can book an air ticket as and when you need to fly. And there are places where there are no airways, just the train service. So, the next time you plan a train travel, you can check out these places. No, this is not about grand railway stations, but real pretty ones.

Take a look at some of the pretty railway stations in the world.

Hua Hin Railway Station in Thailand


(Getty Images)



Ella Railway Station in Sri Lanka


Ella, railway station
(Getty Images)


Salaya Railway Station in Thailand


railway station
(PHOTO: Gonmei/SNS Web)


Sakura (Japan) railway slope


Sakura train
(Getty Images)


Moimacco Railway Station in Italy


Italy, train station
A single-line train station (Getty Images)