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The quiet hush

Asanna | New Delhi |

There's a quiet hush. It's the cold wind blowing. But there's something in the wind. It's the sound of the restless traveler dreaming of a new place – a place never been before.

There's a new travel dream blowing in the wind as the year begins to unfold, and the travel plans for the year are many. After all, to travel is to live.

Travel to beautiful, exotic places. That may top the list of many.  While some have their plans set, some may struggle to find time. But while the world is huge, life is short. So, get going. Some may try to save money to travel. But TS Eliot wrote: "Travel is never a matter of money but of courage"

Yet, many wait for the right time and right place to travel. But while you are thinking and planning, time waits for none. Time is ticking fast and life is slipping away in one place where you are. Why spend your life in one place when you have places to go.

Life may be short, but you have the whole world before you, and you can travel anywhere. There are no borders and boundaries in traveling. And, there are many ways of traveling. You can fly across the sky. You can sail the seven seas. You can whistle along in a train endlessly. You can journey in a bus all around. You can take the wheel and move on. You can walk a thousand miles. There's no stopping you. You can travel around the world in 80 or more days. Just travel.

While there are many great places of scenic beauty, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It's the stories of the places and people and the special moments that make a travel destination truly beautiful. So, go anywhere and when you travel, explore places and things around you. Speak to people. Beauty lies in what you hear, see and feel. Each place and face has stories to tell which you can carry along as you move on and bring them home with you.

As you visit new places, travel light. Don't buy things. Make the best of the place and time. Take the moments, the memories and stories. When you come home, have stories to tell of the places and people you visited. The sad ones, happy ones, haunted ones, the thrill, the deep, dark secrets… Talk about them and be the storyteller.

You may still be wondering where to travel and when to. Don't look too far. Don't think too much. Don't plan. Don't wait too long. Take the first step and be on your way. The world is waiting for you. But time is ticking. Just wander away, see and get richer.