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5 romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day

SNS | New Delhi |

Love is not just a feeling but it is a celebration of a lifetime. Each and every moment with the beloved is unique and special. A relationship is called so because love is what binds the two together.

When people say ‘love life’ and you think of this one special person, when they say ‘love’ and you skip a beat, when you hear ‘that voice’ your world spins around all ecstatic then you must thank the stars and more than that thank ‘the one’.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, steal your beloved from the world and elope to a place where you two have the perfect solitude.

We picked a few places where you can walk hand in hand under the sky which showers love and make it bright with all the night stars.

Here are five romantic getaways for this Valentine’s Day.


Away from the hustle bustle of the city, secluded, surrounded with beautiful mountains and picturesque landscapes, Binsar in Uttarakhand is 396 km away and makes it for one of the most amazing romantic getaways of all time.


Some places never lose their charm and Nainital is one of those. Take an hour long flight or a seven-hour long drive from Delhi to a destination which is one of the most chosen places for honeymoon. The place reflects love and makes for a good choice for valentine’s celebration.


It houses the symbol of love that the world loves and admires. The city of Taj Mahal can beat all the romantic destinations with the magnificence of the white wonder of love. A smooth 4 hour-long drive from Delhi in this pleasant weather will spark the element of love and make the getaway a wonderful one.


Paint the pink city red with love this Valentine’s Day. With old forts reciting the love stories of kings and queens, cherish your moments in the royal city and spend some royal romantic time with your beloved. Hit the road for a six-hour long drive and begin the celebration of love.


If Shimla is the queen of hills then Kasauli is the princess. A secluded town on hill top makes it a perfect getaway for the nature lovers. With Chandigarh on the foothills, the place is an epitome of picturesque views. A six-hour long drive from Delhi, Kasauli is worth a try in the spring season.

So surprise your beloved with a romantic getaway this valentine’s day and let the colour of love fill your life.