Brands have got more vigilant than before now, and are wasting no time to upgrade from their native app to progressive web apps (PWAs). A PWA, which can be installed on your desktop and mobile devices, gives an app-like experience. Delivered via web servers, and accessible through URLs, PWAs are doing wonders because of the drastic drop in the app size saving space in your devices.

Listed below are some of the PWAs that bring in the experience of native apps to the web.

SplitMe – Finance

With SplitMe, users can effectively split bill, scan receipt and track expenses. The PWA uses an algorithm that computes the minimum number of transactions to efficiently pay each person. SplitMe works worldwide and is in sync with regional currencies.

Tinder – Match Making

Indians are ‘swiping’ like never before to find love. Tinder pages are now hyper interactive and load much faster, as the app through its PWA Protocol implemented route-based code-splitting and also introduced long-term asset caching. The PWA is smaller than Tinder’s native Android app.

AliExpress – Online Shopping

The e-commerce site went for PWA in 2017, and garnered numerous new users. The user interface got smoothened, which could be seen in the 85% increase in the traffic generated on Safari browser. The time spent per session, on all the browsers, has increased by an average of 74% as of now.

Travelyaari – Bus Booking

With Travelyaari PWA, you can easily book your bus tickets online. This lite version of Travelyaari weighs just 311 KB and the regular app size downloaded via Google Play Store is 35 MB. You can see ongoing bookings though the Travelyaari website on any number of devices and find the information in an integrated manner. For instance, you save a trip on your phone and book the tickets on your laptop.

Yummly – Cooking

Yummly boasts of over 2 million recipes and 30 million users, providing people with personalised recipe recommendations based on their requirements. Its progressive web app also comes with a Smart Ingredient Shopping List which helps deliver grocery to your doorstep, in addition to video tutorials. – Accommodation

Facing user rejection due to slow load speed, the real estate platform incorporated its PWA in September 2016. Since then, it has seen a 40% surge in total conversions across browsers. The improvement also brought a significant boost in the conversion rate.