With an aim to provide additional protective gears to the medical professionals combating COVID-19, Social media giant Facebook has donated its emergency reserve of 720,000 masks, the company said on Sunday.

“To help, Facebook donated our emergency reserve of 720,000 masks that we had bought in case the wildfires continued,” Zuckerberg said in a post, adding that his company is working on sourcing a lot more to donate.

Facebook had previously built up the stockpile of masks in case of wildfires in California persisted.

Similarly, Tesla chief Elton Musk has already delivered personal protective equipment to the US’ most affected region, Seattle.

Tech moguls and companies have in recent times have provided aid across the globe. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. co-founder Jack Ma had previously announced that his philanthropic foundations were sending emergency supplies including face masks, test kits, ventilators and other protective equipment around the coronavirus-affected world. Like others, Microsoft too has donated supplies in affected states of Athens US.

As of Monday, the pandemic has registered 3,38,879 positive cases and has claimed over 14,900 lives.

(With input from agencies)