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Now Ask Alexa to pay monthly bills, here’s how

Users can also add money to the Amazon pay by saying, ‘Alexa, add Rs XXX to my Amazon Pay balance’.

SNS | New Delhi |

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa will now be able to take voice commands and pay your pending bills via Amazon Pay. This latest Alexa feature supports payment of bills across all major categories including—electricity, water, cooking gas, DHT, internet connection and post-paid mobile.

Users of Amazon devices with Alexa built-in can just say the command, ‘Alexa, pay my cooking gas bill,’ or ‘Alexa, pay my water connection bill’ to activate the newly introduced feature.

With this feature, the company is aiming to reduce the time and effort of its customers who use Amazon Pay to make such payments on a monthly basis.

For the existing Amazon Pay users, Alexa will ask the customers before processing the payment. In order to make the transactions secure, customers can enable a voice pin on Alexa App. Once transaction is made, Alexa will send a notification on the customer’s registered mobile number.

For the new Amazon Pay users, Alexa will send a link to register the bill details on the Amazon shopping app. Once the process is completed, users can easily pay their monthly bills.

A user can also ask Alexa about the remaining balance on the Amazon Pay account by saying, ‘Alexa, what is my balance?’ Further, the user can also add an amount to the wallet by saying, ‘Alexa, add Rs XXX to my Amazon Pay balance’. Then, Alexa will send a link to the registered phone number to complete the transaction.

(With input from agencies)