Jump.trade partners with Twitter for its experimental display format

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Image credit: IANS

Twitter has shortlisted GuardianLink’s NFT marketplace and B2C platform, Jump.trade, for NFT Tweet Tiles.

It focuses on gaming NFTs and international brands,  the most recent experimental NFT display format for the platform.

Jump.trade is now the first NFT marketplace from South Asia to be highlighted by Twitter in this pilot.


Any tweeted link to NFTs from Jump.trade’s library will count toward participants in the Tweet Tiles experiment, and will provide a more detailed image of the NFT along with information on its author and title.

Other markets included in the NFT Tweet Tiles trial besides Jump.trade are Rarible, Magic Dapper Labs, Eden.

Developers now have more choices to communicate with audiences on Twitter in an aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and customised way thanks to Twitter’s continuing Tweet Tiles experiment.

Twitter has now added Tweet Tiles incorporating NFTs as part of the extension of its format offerings in order to give artists and NFT users a better Twitter experience.