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How online Fantasy cricket app My11Circle has changed the game for the better

The gaming world is in constant flux but continuously growing. With the gamer industry expected to reach 310 million by 2021.

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Cricket is a great attraction for millions of people around the world. But in India, cricket is next to religion; everyone wants to be a part of it. Even if it’s the smallest cricket match, entire families gather to cheer for their favorite team. They will celebrate as one entity.

While watching a match, you might have heard someone among your family and friends making expert comments such as “he should have been the opener” or “oh, that catch was so easy, but he missed”. Everyone wants to be a cricket expert, but there is no guarantee of their strategy until it is actually applied during the game, right? But the fantasy cricket gaming industry was able to change that and many other things in a significant way. Let’s take a look!

1. It puts your strategies to the test: Unless you’re in the BCCI, you can’t try and test your cricket strategies. The advent of online cricket apps has changed this. Playing cricket online gives players the capability to create a team as per their knowledge and requirements, strategise a plan, and then test it across the field in a life-like match. This would help a cricket fan who is confident of their strategy to test it in reality and get to know how and where this plan can be used better and improved upon. Playing and watching cricket is a passion for many, and online cricket is a great way for fans to gain knowledge. Cricket games are among the most popular in the online sports category, and 84% gamers prefer smartphones as their primary gaming device. The best part is that the My11Circle cricket app is mobile-friendly! With mobile phone penetration increasing and access to the internet becoming more affordable, all that’s left is to download the game and start playing.

2. It’s a great way to pass the time: Online cricket is a great way to pass the time and is a fun experience. Not only can you play it at home when you’re bored, but you can also play it while travelling to the office in a cab and are stuck in traffic. Imagine; you can continuously improve your strategy skills, which will help you not only in cricket but in life as well! Since most gamers spend nearly a third of their day playing games, why not give them an activity that improves their skills? To make the user experience entirely satisfactory, online cricket games come fully equipped with excellent animations and graphics that perfectly mimic what real-life cricket feels like. With an average gamer spending 7-10% of their screen time on playing games, games like cricket on My11Circle are created in a way to capture the thrill, excitement, and frenzy while keeping in mind that the essence of the game is not lost. A feeling of nostalgia is sure to hit you while you control the movement of the bat, aim where to hit your shot, and see the ball soaring high for a six!

Fantasy cricket app, My11Circle, online game

3. It develops various skills: There are several formats in which online cricket can be played, which is a great way to spice up your game and bring in some variety. The most popular format is where there are two opposing teams and they face off in a nerve-wracking traditional game of winner-takes-all. After opting to play on either the batting side or the bowling side, you can choose the order in which you would like your players to bat or bowl. The game is not only exciting but also helps develop skills, understanding, and competence.

4. It offers cash rewards: Just as in real cricket, wouldn’t it be great to win cash prizes while playing online? Well, that is also taken care of! Just register on a cricket app like My11Circle fantasy app and begin playing, either in free tournaments or for cash. There are some tournaments that are free; which if you win qualifies you for a cash game. All you need to do is have a strategy and watch yourself make points as the game outcomes turn your way.

5. It maintains freshness: To keep players engaged, online cricket games are constantly updated, and new games released regularly. Fantasy cricket is an online game where individuals must create a fantasy league or team of players using their existing knowledge and compete in a match of their choice. One can participate just for the glory, but there are also several cash prizes. With so many users playing online and daily contests, players can engage in fantasy cricket with the same enthusiasm and joy as they approach real-life cricket.

Fantasy cricket app, My11Circle, online game

The gaming world is in constant flux but continuously growing. With the gamer industry expected to reach 310 million by 2021, online games are becoming a growing trend. Online cricket has broken barriers and has come out on top as an excellent way for individuals to play the game without it losing its charm. Playing real cricket will always hold a special place in people’s hearts, but online cricket seems to be gradually pushing its way up the popularity charts. All a prospective player needs is some knowledge of the game and maybe a quick sneak at some fantasy cricket tips – and then the fun can begin!

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