We’re literally counting down the hours until Apple unveils its next-generation iPhone on later today in Cupertino, California.

Previously, Apple has been adamant of providing a live stream link only on its Safari browser or on the Microsoft Edge browser, this year for the first time the event will be showcased on YouTube as well. You can also catch the action on Apple’s official Twitter account as well, something that was introduced only last year. Chrome and Firefox will also be able to live stream the event.

Some of those potential changes include three rear-facing cameras, bilateral charging, and a new A13 processor.

However, according to a series of reports published over the past few months which range from authoritative sources like Bloomberg and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo iPhone 2020 or beyond, will sport the really cool stuff including the 5G iPhone, the folding iPhone, the iPhone with a laser-guided 3D time-of-flight camera and in-display fingerprint sensor. So, iPhone 2019 will probably be a whole lot like the 2018 iPhone.

In this year’s Sept. 10 event, Apple is going to try to get us excited about a lot of incremental upgrades, more advanced cameras, faster chips, the faster iOS 13 and perhaps new colors including dark green. And yet, the flagship iPhone 11 is likely to cost just as much as the iPhone XS, with a speculative starting price around $1,000.

With Apple habit of rebranding and polishing old tech, Samsung, Google and Huawei continue to deliver eye-catching phones stocked with innovative features. Phones that are often considerably less expensive than the iPhone, blazing the trail for the next generation of mobile technology.

Still, you can never count out Apple. Despite decreasing profits, the headwinds of a US-China trade war and executive attrition, the iPhone remains a premium product. The company may yet surprise us on Sept. 10 with revolutionary features or distinctive aesthetics.

(With input from agencies)