Today traditional Indian games are redefining the gaming industry in India. The Indian game industry has indeed come of age. Earlier, most of the Indian game developers developed games for the United States and European markets and later brought them to India, but now that has changed.Indian game developers are developing games for the Indian audience. Here are some main reasons for this change:

1. A Large Gaming Audience in the Country
The mobile gaming industry in India has had a boom in the past few years, forcing game developers to change their strategy and focus. Many game developers, even from other countries, are making games meant primarily for Indian mobile users now. India is growing as a preferred market for mobile game developers. The boom in the smartphone market in India is providing a great boost to the mobile gaming industry in the country. India has recently surpassed even the United States to become the second-largest smartphone market in the world!

2. Traditional Indian Games Going Online
Traditional Indian games are now changing the face of the game industry in India as they are being transformed into their digital versions. Indian game developers are dominating the gaming market with their local games. They have played a major role in introducing some most popular games like online rummy and Teen Patti to the world of digital gaming. Indian gaming companies are connecting with the common man through local gamesin digital form.

3. Localization of Games Following Insights into User Data
The primary approach to game development is that people like playing games that they grew up playing or games similar to them. Localization of game content is the key to success in India. User trends have confirmed this. Most Indian gaming companies are focusing heavily on the localization of games and they are also adding unique Indianized features to games. Besides, they are developing games with a user-friendly interface so that even people who are not techno-savvy can play them easily.

4. Around the Clock Availability of Social Games
Card games hold the major share of mobile games in India. People have fond memories of playing a card game like rummy with their friends neighbors, etc., especially on festivals and special occasions. But these days, people are so busy with their work, businesses, etc. that they don’t get time to get together for a game or two of rummy, etc. However, mobile game appshave made it possible for them to enjoy their favoritesocial games any time anywhere.

5. No Need to Gather Together Physically with Multiplayer Games
Multiplayer card games have taken the Indian mobile gaming market by the storm. Online games are not limited to two-player tables but multiple people can play at them. This has done away with the need for people to gather at one place to play in groups. People can win bigger money by playing cash rummy at multiplayer tables. Multiplayer tables attract people more to play rummy online for cash prizes.

Along with Teen Patti, games like rummy lead the game listing the Google Play Store in India. That clearly shows their role in driving the mobile gaming industry to success in India.

Conclusion: According to industry experts, India will continue to be one of the fastest-growing markets for mobile gaming in the world. They foresee that as more and more people are buying smartphones.Increased mobile internet usage due to better cellular network penetration and cheaper data rates in the country are a great booster. And, of course, a growing number of traditional games going online continues to play its part in driving the Indian gaming industry.