World Trade Organisation

Beyond graduation

All the players in the economy should accept that there will be a shift in the nature of support to Nepal in the post-graduation days.

The quest for a GI tag

Asian countries soon realized the potential of this unique form of protection being extended to their indigenous domestic interests.

Trump’s trade terms

The current foreign trade crisis has a faint silver lining. With China hamstrung because of the coronavirus scare, the present disruption can be an opportunity to expand our foreign trade, but only if we realise that the Indian economy is now strong enough to play a proactive role in world trade. Instead of fretting at being excluded from the list of developing countries, we should start behaving like a developed country, by taking on the US and China at their own game

Impasse at WTO

The meeting discussed the impasse in WTO's appellate body, one that could impact the existence of a Dispute Settlement Mechanism, indeed the entity's position as an effective multilateral organisation. The appellate body based in Geneva hears appeals brought by WTO members and consists of seven members. The US has blocked the nomination of new members to the entity. The two-day meeting also provided an opportunity to the developing countries and the Least Developed Countries to forge a consensus on how to move forward on WTO reforms, while preserving the fundamentals of the multilateral trading system.