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  • The intrepid traveller

    The intrepid traveller

    A rendezvous with travel gurus? Check. Yummy food. Check. Virtual travel to exciting locales? Check. The second edition of the Gypsy Travel Festival 2018, held recently at The High Street Phoenix, Mumbai, ticked all the boxes for a wholesome travel and entertainment show. India’s only curated Business-to-Consumer travel event, it represented a rich congregation of …

    March 22, 2018
  • The art of travelling

    The art of travelling

    Seeing is travelling? Does travelling makes you see, or is there an art to travelling? The last time you went to the Blue Island, did you see what you saw… that beautiful bough of resplendent white bougainvillea fluttering in the cool breeze as you rushed to the sea. Remember that small pathway to the hotel, …

    September 15, 2017
  • I’m a prolific traveller: Gul Panag

    I’m a prolific traveller: Gul Panag

    Actress Gul Panag says she is a prolific traveller and prefers organised and stress-free travelling. "I am no longer a bagpacker…My early student days when I used to travel I did a lot of bagpacking. I preferred planned holidays (now). I do a lot of driving trips and I now prefer more organised and stress …

    April 21, 2017