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  • Travails of a modern mother

    Travails of a modern mother

    After eight years of being an active mother – and by active, I mean one who is hands-on and heavily engaged in the everyday life of my daughter – I have finally come to terms with acknowledging the identity of motherhood.

    October 1, 2022
  • Border Travails~III

    Border Travails~III

    The backdrop of this Sino-Soviet rift makes the recent Sino-Russian friendship even more intriguing. Ideological differences have taken the back seat. The two have come together with expansionist objectives, the original sin that has always been the underlying factor in their ideological rhetoric. Russia forcibly installed puppet governments in certain East European countries to turn them into their vassals and China pursued a policy of encroaching on neighbour's territories to expand its area of domination in Asia

    March 11, 2022