T20 World Cup

American deal

Avery benign god seems to have smiled sweetly at an expectant world, or an impressive array of its cricket entrepreneurs, when Major League Cricket of Twenty20 matches got going in the US of A last week. It's time for hallelujahs from the Indian diaspora, with Brits across the pond, so dramatically alarmed weeks ago when Test cricket’s superstars came to be known to be close to switching loyalties by taking annual jobs Indian Premier League franchises were offering.

Vision 2024

BCCI insiders, not to be out-argued, riposted, again off the record, that there had been those among the august personages who were always quite willing to be putty in officials’ hands. The informants were among those who, when Sourav Ganguly, too clever by half, was given his marching orders from the board, forecast chief selector Chetan Sharma's impending exit.