Swami Vivekanand

Swamiji and Tagore 

The 1930s decade was a period in which Tagore perceived Swamiji and his Guru in a parlance that was altogether different from his perception about them before. In 1935, he gave a message in the form of a poem to Ramakrishna Mission, paying obeisance to Sri Ramakrishna on the occasion of his birth centenary celebration. On 3 March 1937 he famously participated in the concluding function of the celebration  

The Vedantist and his clarion call

Born in late nineteenth century British-colonised India, his motherland desperately needed him. He was the voice, the source of energy, and inspiration of the future freedom struggle.

The INA Pledge  

It is very interesting to note that the heroic life and times of Bose are intricately linked with Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda, both of whom inspired him to become a 'patriot of patriots'. Readers and history-lovers are aware of differences Bose had with the Mahatma, at political and deeper intellectual levels. Yet he remained a true nationalist born of the Indian National Congress, committed to a united India. His undying love for the Motherland was unconditional