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  • Forge successful, productive careers

    Forge successful, productive careers

    Richard de Grijs, professor, Macquarie University, Australia, talks about the benefits for Indian students in considering a major in astronomy and astrophysics.

    August 21, 2018
  • Muslim women and mathematics

    Muslim women and mathematics

    The drill is well known: every time the results of some sort of worldwide survey are released, women in the Muslim world are towards the bottom. Afghan women usually occupy the lowest rungs of political participation, women in Somalia and Sudan have the lowest access to healthcare facilities, women in Iraq and Syria are forced …

    March 16, 2018
  • Artificial mammal ’embryo’ recreated

    Artificial mammal ’embryo’ recreated

    For the first time, scientists at the University of Cambridge have managed to create an artificial structure from stem cells that resembles a natural mouse embryo. The findings could pave the way for developing artificial human life in the lab and help researchers understand why more than two out of three human pregnancies fail at …

    March 3, 2017