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  • Requiem for the sparrow

    Requiem for the sparrow

    World Sparrow Day (20 March) was a reminder of the days when they were plentiful (being sold at two for a farthing) and nobody bothered about protecting them. They invaded homes and built nests in the ceiling, in which straw, cotton, twigs and bits of grass were industriously brought by both the male and female …

    April 9, 2017
  • To the home of sparrows

    To the home of sparrows

    Are you back from all your Christmas and New Year travelling? Haven't had enough? Are you looking for some more travel places? Or, is travel to odd places one of your New Year resolutions? If you are waiting for the call of the wild and love bird watching, travel to the home of sparrows. A …

    January 9, 2017
  • The predatory squirrel

    The predatory squirrel

    Mrs Barua’s letter in The Statesman about a squirrel that caught and ate a sparrow surprised me. The common striped squirrel, like others of its tribe, is much more varied and cosmopolitan in its diet than is generally supposed. I have already described its feeding habits in this column more than once — to summarise, …

    November 13, 2016