Fear and defiance as fighting rages in Myanmar

The military says they were targetting fighters from a PDF and an ethnic rebel group in the area, accusing them of using civilians as human shields. The UN children’s agency says at least 11 schoolchildren were killed in the incident, with 15 more still missing.

Nepal’s skewed hydropower ambitions

The private sector claims that it contributes more than 56 per cent of the electricity in the system, and 215 projects with a combined capacity of 9,000 megawatts are in different phases of development with private investment. The energy sector is also the single largest attractor of foreign direct investment (FDI).

Even the law can’t protect Dhaka’s heritage!

This daily reported on the rampant encroachment on ancient structures in Old Dhaka earlier this year, while the conservation organisation Urban Study Group (USG) alerted police in July of how parts of Boro Katra were being demolished. Yet, the historically significant site is being turned into rubble by its "owner," Ali Hossain of Holding 15, Boro Katra Lane.