Sister Nivedita

Swami Vivekananda and his mission to the West

Swamiji upheld the teachings of the eight-fold noble path of Buddha, who he said had brought about social reformation in terms of the caste system and rituals which had brought about the decline of spirituality in Hinduism.

Against the tide~I

The story of Netaji's stay in Germany cannot be completed without reference to the Azad Hind Radio that was established in Berlin. It started broadcasting from 19 January 1942 with the avowed objective of presenting world affairs from the purely nationalist viewpoint to counter British propaganda through the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) which in Netaji's terminology was, 'Bluff and Bluster Corporation'.

Remembering an extraordinary lady

We belong to an era where humanism is almost a misnomer. Crass commercialism, fathomless greed, cruel selfishness, omnivorous consumerism etc.…