Russian invasion

Monuments and memories

Public memory is not uniform or static. Statues and memorials erected in the years after the second world war are prime examples.

Pressure on Scholz

In the immediate aftermath of the Russian invasion, Mr Scholz had announced a Zeitenwende (dawn of a new era) in Germany’s defence policy. This envisaged shipments of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine. 

US, other nations must aim to end war soon

There has always been a hawkish section in the US foreign policy establishment (just as there has been a section which advocates peace and reconciliation) and problems increase whenever the hawks dominate. Some of them appear to believe that the more Russia gets struck in a quagmire, the better it is.

Russian invasion could cripple global economy

Europe is likely to be first in the path of any economic storm, partly because of its greater dependence on Russian energy supplies, but also because of its geographical proximity to a war on its doorstep. In the US, any economic difficulties could further weaken the Biden administration and bolster isolationist, America-first views.