Radcliffe Line

Pakistan’s Azadi

The striking feature must be the consolidation of parties and politics in the Pakistan court though it is still rather uncertain whether the PPP leader, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, and the PML (N) chief, Shahbaz Sharif, will be able to attend, bogged down as they reportedly are with pressing engagements.

Flight to Freedom

Asia Bibi’s case horrifyingly illustrates the dangers of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws and the dire imperative to repeal them

With apologies to none!

India will never run out of reasons to feel aggrieved ~ the drain of wealth during the Raj, the loot and plunder of Indian artefacts such as the Kohinoor diamond, our huge territorial loss due to the Radcliffe Line, the historical baggage of its shoddy demarcation and finally the horrors of the Bengal famine and the Partition besides the hideous Amritsar massacre.

Another ‘K’ word?

For despite there being a religious sentiment underlying the moves to opening a corridor for Indian pilgrims to visit the sacred shrine of Guru Nanak on his 500th birth anniversary, after a single official level meeting to work out modalities for operationalising the transit system, New Delhi and Islamabad were back to their customary name-calling, accusations and counter accusations.

Divisive growth

Ms Bachelet has expressed concern over the fact that the demands of citizens protesting against inequality are being met by “violent and excessive use of force, arbitrary detentions, torture and even alleged summary or extrajudicial killings” as in Venezuela, Sudan, Haiti and France ~ the last fountain-head of democracy.

Humane, humble

It has been a rare flash of the humane in the otherwise bleak Indo-Pak scenario generally marked by confrontationist posturing…