Interfaith fasting, prayer held in Manipur against violence on women, children

The Interfaith Forum For Peace and Harmony, Manipur has organised a one-day Interfaith Fasting Prayer on Sunday at the Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple, Hayingkhongbal, first Manipur Rifles Gate, Imphal as part of its moral, social and historical responsibilities to express collective ownership of the violence meted out to women in the ongoing ethnic conflict in the state.

Peace, rehabilitation must be the priorities in Ukraine

This should be followed by a huge community-based, participative, decentralised programme for rehabilitation and reconstruction in Ukraine with decisions and priorities under the democratic control of people but helped by unconditional international financial support.

Ukraine peace efforts deserve a fair chance

Most countries, particularly developing and poorer countries, want peace to return immediately to this troubled region, both because they recognize the wider dangers of conflict escalation and also because they are already suffering from this conflict in various ways.