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Tag: Parasites

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  • By 2070, a third of animal parasites may be extinct

    By 2070, a third of animal parasites may be extinct

    One in three animal parasites, one of the most threatened groups of life on Earth, may face extinction by 2070, as a result of global climate change, a study has warned. The study determined that parasites are even more threatened than the animal hosts they rely on and thus should be included in conversations about …

    September 7, 2017
  • Living off another

    Living off another

    I ’ve just finished reading Ten Million Aliens by Simon Barnes, a collection of articles that looks at animals in a new way. According to Barnes, 80 per cent of the living animals on Earth are nematode worms. There are 28,000 species of which 16,000 are parasites. The longest known nematode is 13 metres long …

    July 23, 2017
  • Smell helps primates escape parasites

    Smell helps primates escape parasites

     Primates use their sense of smell to avoid contamination by intestinal parasites through contact with infected members of their group, a new study has found. Frequent grooming among mandrills, a primate of the Old World monkey family, is undoubtedly a means of eliminating ectoparasites. However, it also plays a major role in social cohesion – helping …

    April 8, 2017
  • A fishy matter

    A fishy matter

    Now that the agriculture ministry has announced that it is putting a huge emphasis on commercial fish production, you should know what you will get when you eat those fish. Parasites like sea lice, viruses, heavy metal, chemicals, antibiotic residues and antibiotic-resistant bacteria are some of the gifts that you get for free when you …

    February 19, 2017