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Tag: Pakistani culture

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  • Dowry season in Pakistan

    Dowry season in Pakistan

    The assumptions in the negotiations have remained the same through the ages: the bride is a burden being passed off from one family to another, so a trawler of goods, none too big and none too small, must be handed over.

    December 27, 2018
  • Pakistan disowns history

    Pakistan disowns history

    Till very recently, Sindh or ‘Mehran’ was an  oasis within  Pakistan’s undeniably syncretic past, a melting pot that gently hosted the forgotten and faceless diversities of the ancient land. The name ‘Sindh’ itself is etymologically derived from Sanskrit for river i.e. Sindhu (reference to the Indus river). Even the name ‘India’ owes its origin to …

    March 8, 2017