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Label media

The decision by Twitter to label National Public Radio (NPR) in the USA as “state-affiliated media,” which it then changed to “government-funded media” after a barrage of criticism, underscores the need to rethink the role of major social media platforms as critical gatekeepers in the public sphere.

Delayed or denied? 

The whole process of census-taking needs at least one year, and only thereafter will the provisional population figures be available. The break-up of the population into various social categories and workers and the related preparation of final tables will take further time. In fact, by the time the final religious tables start coming up, say in 2027, the Government will be busy preparing for the next census operation of 2031

Mr Patnaik & NPR

Not that all or nearly most of the functionaries are under the weather; the uncertainty, that arose on Friday, stems largely from the Odisha Chief Minister, Mr Naveen Patnaik’s reservations over certain provisions in the 2020 NPR form, notably the date and place of birth of parents.

2021: A straight fight between Didi and Modi

After making this contention, a TMC party insider said, “It’s a myth that the CPIM has transferred its twothird votes to the BJP. Had it been a fact, such quantum of votes ought to have been cast for the CPI-M in the last year election,” he added.