Seminal moment in global politics

Chile’s early dalliance with neoliberalism also exposes how the latter requires extreme violence or ‘shocks’ — as Naomi Klein argues in The Shock Doctrine — to entrench itself. Klein traces how the massive  upheaval the privatisation policies of neoliberal Chile triggered were only implemented under a draconian regime that rested on mass killings and torture which served as the ‘shock’ that allowed Chilean society to become more complaisant towards these radical economic changes.

The acme of neoliberalism

Neoliberalism has its origin in the libertarian ideology that cherishes minimal interference in choices made by individuals, allowing them maximum freedom in economic, social, cultural, and personal realms of life.

Identity and Neoliberalism

Mark Lilla in his The Once and Future Liberal (2017) raises two fundamental questions relating to liberalism ~ a) the…

Back to Buddhism?

Mindfulness is big business, worth in excess of $1bn (£7.2m) in the US alone and linked – somewhat paradoxically –…