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Plea to save Mother EARTH

I am referring to the time earlier when Darjeeling was in its pristine state. During the time when Darjeeling was described as a lovely, beautiful forested land, when she was worthy of being called the 'Queen of Hills' … Darjeeling's corrugated hills were beautiful until they were touched by the corrupt minds of humans.


We should implement awareness programmes among potters, sculptors, artists and idol makers about eco-friendly idols which are made from clay and soil. This would be a laudable approach to conserve the environment and promote traditional customs and art forms.

A virulent predator

Timothy Winegard's book sheds light on how malariacausing mosquitoes have played the role of mankind's most fierce enemies and changed the course of history.

Call for rhododendron preservation

The state government needs to take up the responsibility of preventing environmental degradation, or else rampant commercial ventures will lead to bleak days in the Darjeeling hills.