Your Excellency Madam Chowkidar!

Should she be called Honorable External Affairs Minister Chowkidar Sushma Swaraj or Honorable External Affairs Minister Mrs Sushma Swaraj?

Union Minister Giriraj Singh gets taste of his own ‘traitor’ remark

“The rally will prove who are the ones who stand with Hindustan and who stand with Pakistan. Those who attend the rally of Prime Minister Modi would mean they support India while those who skip it would obviously be backing Pakistan and will be treated as traitors,” the Union minister had told the local media.

Bihar street vendor installs CCTV; as an ‘alibi;’

Subham Kumar, who vends his wares in Nawada district's Hasua market, took the step after his brother was picked up by the police following a complaint by a customer that Manoj Kumar had stolen his mobile phone.