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  • Draft Ganga Act under review: Uma Bharti

    Draft Ganga Act under review: Uma Bharti

    Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti on Saturday said her ministry is reviewing the draft Ganga Act and hoped riparian states will not indulge in politics over the river. "If we can prove through the Act that Ganga is India's unique river and if we can scientifically prove Ganga's uniqueness, and we are getting all …

    May 27, 2017
  • The show goes on

    The show goes on

    Namami Brahmaputra is a hegemonic Hindutva version of select elements of Assam’s culture that found its political and diplomatic expression in the recently concluded show. The question is, does culture serve the ruling ideology of governance necessarily? If it does not, then one needs to tailor and twist major symbols of culture, religion and spirituality …

    April 9, 2017