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  • For those who don’t get awards

    For those who don’t get awards

    Single-minded pursuit of passions is probably a reality only when growing up with very liberal and generous parents. That becomes even more impediment-prone once one enters married life, when life becomes burdened with varied expectations from in-laws, spouse, and children, especially for Indians, where every individual is intricately knit into the social matrix of relationships. …

    August 6, 2018
  • The shadows behind successes

    The shadows behind successes

    The video showed the nimble steps of a 77-year-old ballerina. That itself sounds anachronistic and no wonder Mrs. Poole featured in the BBC’s Amazing Humans series – “The 77-Year-Old Ballerina Who Inspires Others To Pursue Their Dreams’’. She does, no doubt. And in that video, she speaks about ballet being her life, and her husband, …

    August 5, 2018