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  • Israel and Syria

    Israel and Syria

    Israel has launched hundreds of attacks on targets inside government-controlled parts of Syria over the past decade of Syria’s war, but its government rarely acknowledges or discusses such operations. To that extent, this week’s admission marked a departure. Wednesday’s attack is an echo of the ferment in the Middle East, almost relentless.

    February 14, 2022
  • Who to disbelieve less in Syria?

    Who to disbelieve less in Syria?

    Ahead of last Saturday’s Anglo-French-American missile attacks in Syria, there was a risk that whereas the dominant international powers had supposedly sleep-walked into war a century ago, this time they were being tweeted into an all-encompassing conflagration. Fortunately, the US and its pair of European acolytes went out of their way to avoid direct injury …

    April 20, 2018