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  • Basumati


     Smartly packaged, the recent issue of Masik Basumati has the looks and content which will make a passerby give it a second glance at the news stand and buy it. With a century of tradition energised by a 21st century vim and vigour, this state government publication is far from being an official handout. This …

    September 11, 2016
  • Easy steps to keep dengue away

    Easy steps to keep dengue away

    Dengue is a leading cause of sickness in tropics and sub-tropics. It is caused by one of the four serotypes (dengue virus one, two, three or four). In India, the monsoon season provides breeding ground for dengue carrying mosquitoes. The water collected in containers, pot holes in the streets or wet patches like pools or …

    August 31, 2016
  • Gene linked to age-related hearing loss identified

    Gene linked to age-related hearing loss identified

    A team of researchers have identified a gene associated with age-related hearing loss that could help identify people for early treatment as well as lead to a possible prevention. The findings, in the animal study, showed that Slc4a10 gene, when mutated, might play a role in age-related hearing problems. "As we get older, we have …

    August 19, 2016