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Tag: Local elections

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  • Navalny’s ‘smart vote’

    Navalny’s ‘smart vote’

    In real terms, this implies an appeal to the electorate to vote for the strongest candidate, but one who does not belong to the ruling party, United Russia, helmed by President Vladimir Putin.

    September 16, 2020
  • Ballot & the blast

    Ballot & the blast

    A fortnight before the panchayat elections in Odisha, the Maoists are engaged in mortal muscle-flexing if last Wednesday’s outrage on the state’s border with Andhra Pradesh is an index to go by. The killing of seven policemen in a landmine blast has tragically buttressed their resolve to boycott the local elections in the absence of development...

    February 5, 2017
  • Nepal Parliament endorses bill on local elections

    Nepal Parliament endorses bill on local elections

    The Nepalese Parliament on Thursday endorsed a bill on holding local body elections through majority votes though the agitating Madhesi parties have been pressing the government to fulfil their demands before holding the polls. With the endorsement of the bill, the House has passed all four bills related to local level elections as provisioned by...

    February 2, 2017