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Tag: Kanwaljit Deol

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  • Vaulting ambition & idealism

    Vaulting ambition & idealism

    This year there have been several books on the Punjab uprising of the 1980s. Kanwaljit Deol’s is a slim book that tries to simplify the issue and make it identifiable for readers. Deol worked in the police forces and hence may have a deeper insight on issues affecting that time of chaos. Certainly she tries …

    January 7, 2018
  • Of Sikh riots, optimism and history

    Of Sikh riots, optimism and history

    Read an intensely human and deeply political account of the Sikh riots; learn to value life from an autistic man; relive the extraordinary life story of emperor Ashoka; and know about the horrors of partition from people who inhabit the land through which these lines run. 1. Book: The Year of the Hawks Author: Kanwaljit …

    September 1, 2017