Infertility and myths around food?

Infertility is a complex and misunderstood issue that affects millions of couples worldwide. It goes beyond the inability to conceive a child

COVID-19 vaccines do not cause infertility

As far as side effects are concerned, all vaccines have mild side effects. This includes mild fever, fatigue, pain in the injection site, etc. for a day or two. It does not cause any serious side effects.

Coping with secondary infertility in males

Infertility can be devastating with a high emotional toll on individuals and couples. If treatments for secondary infertility fail, couples might suffer from a range of emotions, including anger, sadness, grief, guilt and loneliness.

Air pollution may lead to infertility in men

Environmental exposure to chemicals is thought to be a potential factor in worsening sperm quality, but the jury is still out on whether air pollution might also have a role.