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Tag: Indian Civil Service

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  • Dog-eat-dog bureaucracy

    Dog-eat-dog bureaucracy

    We have a bureaucracy where the honest feel dejected and most of the others are aligned to individual politicians and factions. The mass transfer of bureaucrats and police officers on every change of regime, is proof of this fact. If more proof is needed, the ugly confrontation between police officers of West Bengal and the CBI would convince readers of the veracity of this proposition.

    February 15, 2019
  • The bureaucracy of the British

    The bureaucracy of the British

    The Indian Civil Service (ICS) was the main bureaucracy nay the steel frame of British rule in India. It was started in 1855 and the first batch joined in 1856. Though the first exam for ICS was held in 1855 in London, not a single Indian, pejoratively called natives then, was there to take the …

    April 26, 2018