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  • Woes of the Geriatric

    Woes of the Geriatric

    Killing the elderly is more rampant in the metro cities than in smaller towns or villages. It is a form of organized crime that the police have not been able to crack. In old age generally, one is haunted by insecurity, depression, helplessness and loneliness. Many of those who have lived a fruitful life become insecure and helpless due to a variety of reasons. It may be due to being neglected by their children or perhaps due to the latter's own occupational needs when they have to live far away from their parents.

    August 12, 2019
  • Remembering an extraordinary lady

    Remembering an extraordinary lady

    We belong to an era where humanism is almost a misnomer. Crass commercialism, fathomless greed, cruel selfishness, omnivorous consumerism etc. define modern life in our country that is largely fed and nourished by the lifestyles and practices of western countries where pursuit of materialism reigns supreme. Indeed, we Indians, particularly the educated and the professional …

    December 17, 2017