House of Commons

Reprieve for Johnson

The Treasury chief, Rishi Sunak, a potential rival for the PM’s office, tweeted, ”I stand behind the PM hundred per cent as he takes our country forward. The PM was right to apologise and I do support his request for patience while Sue Gray, a public service veteran with a reputation as a straight-shooter, carries out her enquiry.”

China targeted

“All five criteria of genocide are evident in Xinjiang,” she said. The detainees were subject to “brutal torture methods, including beatings with metal prods, electric shocks and whips”.

Can our Parliament meet virtually?

There were some technical glitches but that was only to be expected. According to media reports, the proposal would cost nearly 370,000 pounds a month. UK had reported more than 18,738 deaths in hospitals from Covid- 19 until April 23.