Gun control

4 July mayhem

The tragedy on July 4 reaffirms that the national celebration of independence is scarcely a deterrent to the the American habit of shooting people at will.

America lives in fear

Gun culture is embedded in American life. Half of all Republicans, who are traditionally for guns, feel that America needs to live with mass shootings.

Guns and poses

This is the first time in decades that there has been bilateral agreement on gun control legislation.

Baby steps

Sunday’s announcement by US Senate negotiators that they had agreed on a bi-partisan outline for a narrow cache of gun safety measures is a critical step towards ending a prolonged Congressional impasse over the issue.

America on Edge

Two years after electing Biden as President and Kamala Harris as Vice President, the country seems to be in a state of flux, divided over what it perceives as an inept administration and general failure to secure the lives of people.

Playing with fire

It is a distressing thought that the US Congress has thus far failed to impose restrictions on guns despite the school massacres in several states, the killing of 19 children and two adults in a school in Texas being the latest in the long loop.