What’s the future of mining white gold?

But how easy will it be for Chennai, for example, which is 11,000 km from Antarctica – more than four times the distance between Antarctica and Cape Town – to get this alternative source of water?

Cycle of climate~I

The water level of the oceans has increased enormously in forty years (1970 to 2010). From the normal water level in 1970, it has increased by 100 mm, a huge figure in the global scale! Carbon dioxide emission and GDP per capita have a direct correlation. The USA is at the top of the chart and India is at the bottom. But ironically India will suffer a lot more from the effects of climate change rather than the USA, which is taking corrective steps but will still remain at the top of the chart. India, much too busy with her politics, is still under a spell of slumber.

Quest for Immortality

Death is the ultimate end, mysterious and terrible, against which even the strongest is powerless. How to conquer death is a question every civilisation has tried to address. Myths have grown around immortal beings like gods in every culture, and of valiant but futile attempts of mortal men to attain immortality.