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Tag: Grandeur

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  • Views on History~II

    Views on History~II

    The Nehruvian government wanted to teach the countrymen history that would inculcate secular and socially progressive values. In this scenario, the left-liberal group of historians got official patronage. In 1961 the NCERT was established to promote high standard school education. The history text books commissioned by it were to offer secular and rational explanations of the past instead of unnecessary glorification of the bygone age

    May 21, 2023
  • Celebrating the Dutch Golden Age

    Celebrating the Dutch Golden Age

    Whenever one happens to be in The Hague, what a pleasure it is to visit Delft, a peaceful town full of crisscrossing canals less than half an hour’s bus ride away from The Netherlands’ capital. On a fine, warm day even sipping a cup of tea at a sidewalk café or enjoying a soft drink...

    April 8, 2017