First World War

Race and Reparations

Much will of course hinge on the action taken by respective governments in the follow-through. The execution will also call for humane treatment of blacks by whites.

Women during pandemic

The current pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities of women more than their male counterparts within their homes, the labour market and as frontline healthcare workers. It has increased their unpaid work as caregivers, magnified pay disparities and widened the existing gender divide with its inequalities.

Invisibility to Frontline

With health care systems stretched globally because of the present crisis, women's burden increases in view of the fact that many persons with Covid-19 will have to depend on care at home itself. This also puts them at greater risk of becoming infected.

Biological Weapons

Biological weapons can be used not only to attack humans, but also livestock and crops. They can be deadly and highly contagious. Diseases caused by such weapons will not confine themselves to national borders but will spread rapidly around the world. The threat from biological weapons is significant.

Parliamentary Pioneer

Britain gave the lead in the beginning by having the first woman Member of Parliament (Nancy Astor, 1879-1964) but subsequently has lagged behind. The United Kingdom is in the 39th position among 193 countries in the Inter-Parliamentary Union rankings as on 1 February 2019 in terms of women‘s representation in the national Parliament. Improving that rank would be the best way to honour the legacy bequeathed by Astor.