environmental crisis

Deep ecology, not shallow environmentalism needed

The current global climate emergencies and heartwrenching plight of a vast number of people in different countries and particularly India clearly demonstrate how far humanity has strayed from the wise counsel of our sages and seers of the past.

Is eco-shaming enough to save the planet?

A recent UN climate panel report and the Russian attacks on Ukraine’s nuclear plants do not offer much hope. Unless we think of more radical solutions, eco-shaming may not be enough to prevent us from facing a catastrophic future.

Drought: The new global calamity?

A common scientific theory opines that changing rainfall patterns as a result of climate breakdown is a key driver of drought, but the report also identifies the inefficient use of water resources and the degradation of land under intensive agriculture and poor farming practices as playing a major role.

Global CO2 emissions to rise by 1.5 bn tonnes in 2021: IEA

The CO2 emissions, riding on the increasing demand for coal in electricity generation, will increase by almost 5 per cent in 2021 to 33 billion tonnes. Asia, more specifically China, is set to lead the demand for coal by more than 80 per cent, in 2021.