Donald Trump administration

Murky elections

The objective of the hackers and the dubious initiative, called Project Lakhta, was to sow discord, incite civil unrest and polarise Americans with social media posts that dwelt on such sensitive issues as gun-rights, immigration, the Confederate flag and race relations.

First Lady speaks

Opinion polls reveal that college-educated women, a critical segment in the electoral construct, are thoroughly disenchanted by the President's decidedly combative style of governance.

Amid TikTok sale, another Chinese tech firm sells US operations

Shiji Group, a China-based global hospitality technology provider which has Kempinski hotel as one of its clients, said on Tuesday that its board has approved the decision to sell its 100 per cent controlled US subsidiary StayNTouch to MRC, a US hotel operating company, after a White House administrative order, reports The Global Times

David’s Hurrah

Taiwan saw Azar’s trip as a diplomatic coup and an opportunity to showcase its widely praised response to the virus. Beijing however saw it as another provocation from the US. When the US increases interactions with Taiwan and sells arms committed under the Taiwan Relations Act, Beijing sees it as a challenge to its sovereignty and defiance of its threat to take over the island by force