Amid open dissent, 4 central BJP leaders rush to Tripura

Leaders of the government and party organisations are not keen to listen to the opinion, grievances and suggestions of the district and grassroot leaders. That's why the conference was held. This is not against the BJP or to join the Trinamool Congress,"

Congress v Congress

What is not, however, is the issues on which Congress dissidents have been speaking out. At the heart of the matter, to paraphrase Mr Sharma’s tweet which led to the brouhaha, is the party’s understanding of “Gandhian and Nehruvian secularism” and the electoral strategy which it has been following to attract the support of various communities to its banner at the hustings.

Curbing dissent

While Mr Khan claims his opponents are asking people to take to the streets to topple his government by flouting distancing norms, the Opposition is determined to go ahead with its agitation and alleges that public health concerns are being raised now only to curb dissent.