Cash, no Cash

Many methods have been tried for elimination of black money; we had several rounds of demonetisation, several voluntary disclosure schemes, some schemes to regularise undisclosed foreign assets, and so on. The only commonality between all such measures was their failure to prevent generation of black money. Strategically declaring their black money, tax evaders took full advantage of the frequently announced Government schemes. However, not many of the tax evaders discontinued their tax evading ways, so, after a few years, things came back to square one

Speaker urges members against demonstrations at Parliament 

Chairing a meeting of the Presiding Officers of legislative bodies in India in the Parliament House Complex, the Lok Sabha Speaker requested Members of Parliament and political parties not use routine parliamentary information for creating news. Birla further requested that the dignity of Parliament as an institution may be maintained. 

HC bans protest within 50m of Visva Bharati University

Justice Rajasekhar Mantha of Calcutta High Court directed that no demonstration can be conducted by any students or any other person within a distance of 50m of the institute, particularly the schools, classrooms, the residences of the vice-chancellor, teachers, professors, office staff, library, laboratory.